Sponsor a Child

Child Sponsorship Organizations

Sponsoring a child can be an incredibly fulfilling act to take part in – and a great way to be a good Christian. Eight out of 10 of the most popular child sponsorship organizations in the USA are run by churches, and in this guide we shall look at four of the most popular Christian child sponsorship organizations.

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Compassion International

One of the most popular child sponsorship organizations is Compassion International. The organization is run by a Christian ministry that has the aim of relieving children from spiritual, economic and social poverty and helping them to grow up and become good Christian adults. It is a worldwide organization and Compassion International is currently helping over 1 million children in 25 different countries thanks to the kind donations of child sponsors.

You can search through their database of children to find one that you would like to sponsor. You can read about their backgrounds and lives and choose them according to their location and age amongst other things. A basic child sponsorship costs $38 per month – which is very little to most Americans. Your sponsored child will hear about Jesus Christ and be helped to develop a relationship with God – which is one of the benefits of sponsoring a child from a Christian sponsorship organization.

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World Vision

World Vision is possibly one of the best known and successful child sponsorship programs in the world. Another Church-based child sponsorship organization, World Vision has helped the lives of over 100 million children around the world. The aim of the organization is to help bring compassion and justice to some of the world’s poorest people. Sponsorship of a child at World Vision costs as little as $1 a day. This money goes towards providing children with essential resources such as clean water, healthy food, health care, education and more. Your sponsorship can help show a child the compassion of God.

When you sponsor a child at World Vision you will receive several items including a welcome pack with a photo and information about your chosen child. You also have the opportunity to write letters and sometimes emails to your sponsored child and they can write back to you. Throughout the course of your sponsorship you will receive updated photos of your child and annual progress reports.

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ChildFund International

ChildFund International (formerly known as Christian Children’s Fund) is a Christian-run child sponsorship organization based in the USA that helps the lives of children all around the world.

ChildFund International was established in 1938 and their mission is to help connect Christians and others who want to help people to the people that need help the most. With a ChildFund International child sponsorship you can help build a one-to-one relationship with your sponsored child through letters and communication. They also encourage you to go and visit your sponsored child if you would like to. Child sponsorships cost as little as $28 a month and can help your child receive clean water, food, education and improved prospects for their future.

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Christian Foundation for Children and Aging

Christian Foundation for Children and Aging is a very well respected Christian child sponsorship organization. Their aim, similarly to other child sponsorship organizations, is to help end the cycle of poverty by putting food on the table for children and getting them the education they need.

The difference between Christian Foundation and other child sponsorship organizations is that they tailor make sponsorships to suit the specific needs of individual children and their families. Some children may have access to clean water but no education – so your sponsorship money will go towards this instead. Child sponsorships start from start from as little as $30 a month, there are also opportunities to sponsor a teen or an aging friend.

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Final Note

We have just looked at four popular Christian child sponsorship organizations, however there are dozens more and you should always do your research before settling on one to ensure you get the right one for you. Whichever one you choose you can be certain that whatever donation you give will be greatly appreciated and will help change the life of the child that you are helping.